Cloud gaming

Diving into the world of cloud gaming applications

How it works

cloud gaming today means different things




data transmission technology

the circuit looks like this today

On your computer – of almost any power – you install a program that can receive a video stream from a remote server and send commands to it from the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

remote server

On the remote server, which is essentially a regular gaming PC, a similar program is installed that accepts your commands and sends you video directly from the video card. That is, the mechanism is almost the same as in an ordinary computer club, where you rent someone else’s car.

service providers

You are only given access to hardware, and you bring games with you.
PC rental
When you connect to a remote machine, Steam, Origin, EGS or GOG opens, you go there from your personal account and launch what you bought.
GOG It is interesting because the company does not have its own computers or servers. It works on the principle of a connection between users and calls this scheme P2P.
GeForce Now

Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men

Close up of shirtless sportsman holding injection of steroids in gym’s locker room.

Testosterone is one of the crucial hormones in both males and females. This is the hormone that is mainly made in the testicles of the male. They plays a vital role in developing the male sexual organs of the person.

All the male features at the age of the puberty are developed due to these hormones like the facial hairs, deeper voice and the improvement in the strength of the muscles.

What Is Low Testosterone?

 It is mainly the condition in which the testes of the body stop producing a good amount of the testosterone hormones on the testis of the male. It is a situation that is also called testosterone deficiency syndrome. As per the research, as the report has been formed, a male person who is older than 45 years of age generally faces low testosterone. To prevent symptoms of low testosterone, you can buy an exogenous form of testosterone — dianabol. It helps you to improve sex drive, libido, muscle volume, strength, and bones density. Also, it will help you to gain few extra lbs of muscle mass.

Signs Of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is like a disease. Its detection is possible only when a person goes through some of the simple tests. But first of all, if the person has sure signs, they will only doubt that they are facing a lack of testosterone. Some of the the symptoms are as follows;

  • Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is the hormone that plays a crucial role in the sex drive and is also called the libido. As the person’s age grows, they face a decline in their sex drive. But in the person facing a low testosterone level, the drop in the sex drive will be high. If the person is facing such kind of issue, then he can just plan to visit the hospital for the required tests.

  • Fatigue

If the person is facing the problem of a decreased level of energy and fatigue, then it can be due to the low level of testosterone in the body. Even if the person is not working hard and getting a night of good sleep, then also feel low for the entire day, it can be due to the low testosterone level.

  • Affects The Memory

The level of testosterone also affects the memory of the person. If the person spontaneously faces a loss in the memory, the reason might be a low testosterone level. If the treatment is not provided at the right time, it can harm the person.

  • Hair Loss

As we all know, testosterone plays a crucial role in the growth of a person’s hair. If the person is facing the fall of the inches at a high rate, then it means the testosterone level is low. On average, if a person is facing the balding, it can either be due to the heredity or the person’s growing age. 

On the other hand, if the person starts losing the body and the facial hairs, then the reason can be a low testosterone level.

These are the most common symptoms that the person faces if they lack the level of testosterone. If the determination is done at the right time, the recovery is possible at a fast rate.

Still Have PS 3? This Is How To Keep It Clean

If you are still using your PlayStation 3, your list of games is likely bigger than you think. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to take care of older electronics since they can accumulate dust and other debris over time. Fortunately, the online market has provided many tools that make keeping your PlayStation 3 tidy much easier and less stressful. If you want to know more about cleaning tools and tips, you can refer to Useful content on

Clean Dust from A PS3  

Every gamer knows that dust can make your games hard to play. Dust on the faceplate or inside the console can cause issues for PS3 users. You will want to remove the dust from it before playing your game or watching a movie. If you are experiencing problems with your console, this guide will show you how to fix them.

Open the case by removing the screws with a head screwdriver. Remove the heat sink by gently pulling it outwards while simultaneously pushing inwards on its hinges until it pops up vertically. Using an old toothbrush, thoroughly scrub any dust and dirt off the heat sink with soap and water before placing it back inside.

How To Clean The Inside Of A PS3?  

If you want to clean the inside of your PlayStation 3, then you will want to use a blower can, or compressed air can blow out any loose particles of dust on your console’s circuit board and hard drive. This will make sure that there is no dust build-up on your system so you can play or watch a movie with ease.

If you are going to be doing this in small increments at a time, then make sure that you turn off your console and unplug it from the wall before working on it. You will want to blow out all of the dust within the system. You never want to blow compressed air into the hard drive itself since it can permanently damage the hard drive. After cleaning inside a PS3, you experienced that your device runs smoothly than before

Self Cleaning Tips

First, you have to clean the case surface from dust with an antiseptic wiper and gently rub all the corners of PS3. You did not wipe the slots or the ports of the device. If you want to clean all the ports and slots of the PS3 device, you should use a cotton swab because it does not harm the port and slots. You can also use cheap toothbrushes that will have a lot of bristles. One of the most important things is to regularly remove dust and dirt from the heat sink of your PS3 system and this is a large piece of metal on which the fan and hard drive coolant pipes are located.

If you are still using PS3, you should take care of your device from dust and dirt to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment and gaming experience.

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