Cloud gaming

Diving into the world of cloud gaming applications

How it works

cloud gaming today means different things




data transmission technology

the circuit looks like this today

On your computer – of almost any power – you install a program that can receive a video stream from a remote server and send commands to it from the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

remote server

On the remote server, which is essentially a regular gaming PC, a similar program is installed that accepts your commands and sends you video directly from the video card. That is, the mechanism is almost the same as in an ordinary computer club, where you rent someone else’s car.

service providers

You are only given access to hardware, and you bring games with you.
PC rental
When you connect to a remote machine, Steam, Origin, EGS or GOG opens, you go there from your personal account and launch what you bought.
GOG It is interesting because the company does not have its own computers or servers. It works on the principle of a connection between users and calls this scheme P2P.
GeForce Now

Play the latest games without buying an expensive PC